Good Times

Good times with my pal Eric Hoffmann

Silver work

The “tumbling t’s” was a Shorty Badgett brand from the late 1800’s that cousin Owen Badgett willed to me. It is one if the last five “scattered” brands in Montana.

Caballo del freno

caballo del frenoPainting for the 2013 High Class Buckaroo Bash.  Thank You Bank of Baker!

Headed to the Easel

Last sketches for “Night at the Mission”

New Field Bit

I owned this bit for about 24 hours before my old man decided it was his!  It is my third Field bit.  I haven’t had a horse yet that didn’t get along with them pretty well.  It has a very unique design where the bar and cheek piece attach.  Even after years of use they won’t pinch a horses cheek.