Silver work

The “tumbling t’s” was a Shorty Badgett brand from the late 1800’s that cousin Owen Badgett willed to me. It is one if the last five “scattered” brands in Montana.

New Field Bit

I owned this bit for about 24 hours before my old man decided it was his!  It is my third Field bit.  I haven’t had a horse yet that didn’t get along with them pretty well.  It has a very unique design where the bar and cheek piece attach.  Even after years of use they…

This Old Hat

Over the last several years a lot of people have asked if they could have my hat.  I started buying “bone” colored hats and after the proper amount of blood, rain, sweat, and tears I started signing them and giving them away.  Keep a watch out and I will probably post a give away on…

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